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Luna Deck and Ring Carved in Tiger´s Eye.


$80.00 USD $100.00

In this collaboration between Talía lanz and Ana Sofia Castañon you can find a Luna Deck set with a special edition handmade ring mounted and carved in Tiger´s Eye. 

Luna Deck is a beautiful tool that is intended to invite us to be introspective, to return to ourselves.

This set of cards is inspired by our relationship with the moon and the elements of nature. The lunar energy has an effect on everything that has life. In women, in addition, it influences our menstrual cycle, because in each phase we have different abilities and energy, and by understanding what happens in each stage of our cycle, we can use this energy in our favor, to be more present, aligned and inhabit ourselves better.

Dare to live with your magic.

Luna Deck has nineteen cards:

A guide letter: with the cycles of the lunar and menstrual phases
A guide card: with lunar and menstrual energies
Eight cards represent the lunar phases: New, crescent, first quarter, crescent gibbous, full, waning gibbous, last quarter, balsamic
Four cards represent the menstrual phases: Spring - Preovulatory. Summer - Ovulatory. Autumn - Premenstrual. Winter - Menstrual
Five cards represent the elements of nature: Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Ether.

* Each card has a message on the back.

The Moon Ring carved in Rainbow Obsidian Stone has properties that intensify the connection with our inner listening and intuitive abilities.

* Each ring is unique as they are hand carved on natural stone *

(Single series of 10 pieces)

*The shipping time is 3-4 weeks from the time of purchase*