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Cobra Necklace Handmade in 925 Silver with Enamel Technique

Talía Lanz

$75.00 USD $100.00

In Egypt, all snakes were worshiped, especially the cobra, which represented the sun and
which was of great relevance in their mythology. She was considered the protector of Pharaoh and was associated to the goddesses Wadjet and Nekhbet. The first of them, Wadjet, also called Lady of Heaven, is originally from the delta of the Nile and she began as the protector of Lower Egypt; thus, she was attributed great powers. The goddess Nekhbet was the protector of Upper Egypt, of births and wars.


-The necklace is handmade of 925 silver, gold plate and hand-painted with enamel technique.

Care instructions:

-Keep away from perfume, spray and water.

-The gold plate wears out when it is put in prolonged contact with the PH of the skin, makeup, perfumes and deodorants.

-After wearing, please do not put the jewelry directly into a box. Let the jewelry dry for some time so that it does not discolor or lose its shine.

- Clean jewelry gently with a dry cotton cloth before storing and avoid using velvet to store jewelry.

*The shipping time is 3-4 weeks from the time of purchase*